torsdag 24. juni 2010

12 days... On the end

Yea, this is the end...
Beautiful friend.
Ha, as someone once said so poetic and beautiful

my days @ Nesodden have gone by unbelievably fast and it pains me to conclude that my time here is nearly over.
No more feeding the rabbits every morning, going for the mail or drinking and eating riddicilous amounts of coffee and chocolate every day.
Have I achieved what I intended and recorded loads of my stuff that is just lying around as sketches properly? HA, not really.
But have I played shitloads and written loads and loads of new sketches and lyrics that Im utterly happy about and exited to be working with. Yea!

Mmm. I guess I should be taking some sort of course in self-control so I can just sit down and go deep into the bone of everything, but well, yea. Im quite happy with playing-playing-playing as well. Must say I underestimated the weight of riddicilously nice weather, flunking equipment and alas the joy of seeing all my friends, wooh.
Ive had a lot of visits from Oda and Åsa over here, which have been good times & reminded me of old! Riding the ferry is nice you know.
My special fav. was when Åsa came over and we had sushi, wine & chocolate ( how hipster is that?) down at the bath house to beautiful weather yea!
And there was, as my buddy George would say, some dancing where there`s no dancing needed.
See attached video for further details. Ha.

But well yea, tomorrow I start my work-training and then taking a trip home to catch a festival, maybe read some poems, and after that I will have to move, sadly enough. Part of me wishes I could stay here forever, what an incredible place! But alas, I`ll come back.
I`ve recharged my batteries though, had some amaz. times, played loads & done some pre-production for my future recordings. Has been amaz!
Oh and did I mention that in my time over here Ive seen one fox, met the local squirrel, and seen no less then 3 bambi`s. King of the jungle, bongo bong.
I even went running to Helviktangen yesterday, seemed so far when we went on the boat-trip my first day here, but wasnt really that far. First time after my amaz. "ancle-incident" when I fell into the one hole at the court playing football and put myself out tha game for a couple of months. But yesterday was good, and amaz. music to it as well. Got some new stayers after syncing my Ipod w. my own library for the first time for a while. Beastie boys, Red hot, Fever Ray, Portishead, Dead weather, Nine inch, American Football and loads of classics. Old stuff, but new to me.
The weather was nice & heaven on earth. Oh yes.
Today is a cloudy day though. But Whey, cloudy day.
Goodbye Nesodden, Its been amaz. Ive had a wonderful time and will for well remember this week as a good one for good future.

Rounding the hole schabang of with video, poem & some pictures! Boo ya.
C`est la vie!

Fair flower child.-*

Fair flower child

wont you dare to be mine

feel the juices of life

in the core of thy soul

Fair flower child

the sun smile in thy eyes

and I wish you`d be mine

with a promising bow

Your hair blows in the wind

with life and with glow

like a judas priest of sin

innocence like a dove

Fair flower child feel thy spirit alive

swimming the waters of fresh human love

I give you my heart with a vow

remember that life is now...

aaah, sorry guys... the vid wont upload. Ill do it when I have more time!

tirsdag 22. juni 2010

12 days... On electronic stuff, wah

so my 12 days are passing
sooner then I like, I sure could stay here a couple of more weeks
Its going both good & bad, on the good side, creativity is hitting me hard & I really like the stuff Im doing & working on right now. On the bad side all my electronic shit is quitting on me. Now that my m-box is fixed, my røed 3 ma - recording mic is quitting on me, and every time I try to open the edit window when I`ve opened pro tools it quits on me. Well je.
Back to garageband then. + Im a noob.
Ive got so much to learn. Something tells me Ill be working on this all summer, but ye.
Dont really mind. Its a lot of fun, and the more I learn of these programs the more stuff I can do.
Really feel like Im finding loads of licks and stuff that fits for me & this kind of music that I wanna create.
Also, Ive been for another interview & they called me today, Im starting training and work on friday, s`gonna be exiting to see what thats like.
Ive also had Åsa, Emma and Oda over. My amaz. friends that I see to rarely.
And its grate to see them again, at the same time as I just kinda want to focus on the music and stay in the little bubble. Oh well. You cant always be anti-social can you.
Im really looking forward to going to JCFI this year though and playing Copenhagen Jazz festival! Maybe I can attend the gathering in South Africa as well if I can find some funding, ah.
That would be amaz!
Well, a short update. Oda is visiting me tonight as well and staying over so I better bike down to the ferry & meet her. ye. ciao

onsdag 16. juni 2010

12 days... On sleep

Im so incredibly tired
There was a barbeque today, but I just had to loose it
cant do anything apart from sleep, eat spaghetti, bread with the most incredible strawberry jam and pieces of a special kind of salt ham that I dont know whats called in english. I just cut pieces of it and chew around while I walk in the house.
just happy to be here & to feel like vacation.
My aunt, uncle & nieces left for Italy this morning so Im all alone. We took the ferry into Oslo this morning, I had to go for the job interview in town today & I think I got it.
Going for info & another one on monday & then training next friday.
Which is wonderful. I have time to relax & chill.
I also picked up my last suitcase, trust me it was heavy, changed my headphones that have been broken for a couple of months so I cant even remember what it feels like to have music all the time anymore. Which is probably good cause I turn completely anti-social when I have access to them. But it will be good for all the ferry & the buss tomorrow. Bought some groceries and looked for candles, but I could only find expensive, fancy ones and could`nt really look dragging my suitcase around everywhere so Ill get some later when I dont have so much luggage. jee I hate travelling from one place to another for the sake of getting from one place to another right now.
I have to go on a trip home tomorrow cause Im gonna pick up an electric guitar & an accordion & my mother is going to Iceland on friday and I think she`d like to see me before she leaves.
Also my little brother is leader of the student council & giving his graduation speech at 7 tomorrow. Ha. Just like me 5 years ago. I wanna go see that. I love him a lot. He`s a good kid.
The weather is good. Since I got back from town Ive just walked around, in the house, eating the spaghetti and ham, watched some tv for the first time in a while, it chilled me out. A doc. on Thelonious Monk & Nica, & then cougar town for the sake of brainless entertainment thats so good sometimes.
I played today. They have a piano. A couple of pieces, but mostly just freely. Really need to figure out the recording soon. Ive dismantled my mic-stand and I hope Ill be able to relocate all the pieces from travel again. Being tidy is not my strong side. Barely touched a guitar, but I ended up just playing the bass as us. Also should rehearse for JCFI, that is coming up. But anyhow Im just gonna throw myself into it. Like last year.
Ive also bought Medulla - Bjork. How could I not have that album. All is voice.
Even though I have heard most of the songs before. I have speakers now. (god need to get speakers) and I am alone. I can listen as high as I need, the bass is a bit shit & ruins the soundquality a bit. But its livable. Its enjoyable enough.
I also bought a double The Doors, I used to listen to them last summer biking home from work at nights when I worked the late shift. "The end" was especially good and suiting. I also bought Natasha Khans (Bat for lashes for those who know) Two Suns.
Listening to it now.

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

12 days... On creativity

So I left Liverpool today. After a year. A long year. Gone by fucking fast.

All the stuff that I`ve lived during this year. Its really weird. Shit weird to think about.

Its been wonderful. Its my home now.

Ive moved a lot around living on my own since I was sixteen, but those times I was always dragged between 2places, old home and new home. Always missing one of them.

I don`t this time. England/Liverpool is my home. Its enough.

To calm my restlessness for a while.

I thought it be weird to fly back to Norway this morning to be there for two months in summer,

and part of me did`nt want to leave as I was cab-driving to the airport with my 2bags +bass &

hand luggage-crop.

But as soon as we landed on Norwegian ground, I knew, this is right.

This is what I need. Being in Norway now.

I actually want to be away from Liverpool for a little while cause there has been, there is to much happening.

To much stuff has been going on, and its been taking my creativity & energy. I feel so distracted

all the time, that Im not really getting to do what I really wanna do and I`ve lost focus.

I`ve just been longing for time and space to just sort my head out. Chill out. Play some music

again. Just for the sake of playing & enjoying it. Just Enjoy. As Bjork says.

Which is this that Im gonna do now.

Ive landed in Oslo. And after a massive struggle around with luggage, taken the ferry over to

Nesodd-tangen where Im gonna stay for the next 12days.

And do exactly this.

The sun rose magnificently while I was riding the ferry over today, and awaiting me was the most summer-like weather that make me painfully aware of the fact that I`ve forgotten what summer really is. What it feels like.

You have to go see this place to know what its like, gonna house sit for my uncle&aunt while they are in Italy. Feel like I`ve died from hell and gone to heaven. Its pretty much a paradise. Next to the ocean. High up view so I can see the lights of the city centre of Oslo at night. Fresh smell of syrins, salt water, various flowers, & loads of grass & trees.

Beautiful amaz garden. They have a special kind a swing that lets me be 5years old again.

For tonight Im sleeping in the amazing old fashion cottage that I`ve slept in before, but I`ve got access to the large eclectic house and a incredible, charismatic bath-house that I know for sure I`m gonna sleep in for a couple of nights. Gonna sleep round in all of them.

Shop around the corner, that only sells vegetables, bread & ice cream. Access to an old fashioned bike so I can ride around this entire little pearl.

I went on a boat-trip with my uncle, aunt and niese when I got here today & it was absolutely amazing, breathing the ocean air, climbing around in the sun and devouring the view. Beautiful on all edges. Its all the glory of summer and the glory of this place you could imagine. They have a semi-small boat that you can climb around on while its driving and you can breathe the ocean, see all the beaches, see all the bath houses. I really hope the weather stays like this day, Im gonna run around. Fish crabs.

You have to see this place to understand. I wish I could show you. What an atmosphere that lingers around here. Its the warm & fresh attitude of summer, human love pumping into your blood at the same time as your just waiting for it to be night, light some candles and feel the magic around here. My favourite iseland (its not really and iseland)

This is the place. Where creativity birth-cradles.

For 12 days... to play, live, chill out, run around, bath, fish crabs, write, enjoy, love & record.

12 days...

I`ve missed space. I`ve missed silence. But here at Nesodden next to Oslo in Norway, here it is. And Im here.

Feel like vacation now. Just have to get my job-meeting tomorrow over and done with.

I`ll only let you come over if you bring a fine bottle of whine.

We`ll have dinner in the bath house....

søndag 20. september 2009

2weeks in tha pool! <3 Shame-lion

So today I`ve had an epic day of shame. The boundaries of embaressment are all being blown, but who cares as the days are not long.
Today I`ve been in Liverpool for 2weeks exactly and its starting to feel like a while. Still living with Alex&Ceasar and a couple of other folks at Agnes Jones. Finally got around to fixing a english phone, (quote from the phone shop "What sort of phone do you want? Me: - A small one), bank account & got my lazy ass out and bought pots and pans, glasses and cuttlery so I dont have to use the one Agnes Jones house cup all the time anymore and steal/borrow cuttlery from my flatmates when they`r looking another way. Still need to get a doctor though, loads of people are falling ill. I went over to Bold street produce market yesterday, bought vegetables&fruit for 7pounds and made the most epic dinner of all times with my new kitchen equipment. Hurrah, for organic vegetable pots !
Met loads of new people. Beer everyday this week ( I know its not good).
On monday I went to Studio and watched all these lipa bands play and danced my ass off to six toys, the fantastic funk band that played in the end. Freaky style.
Yesterday I was gonna go home early to try and get something out of this day, but I got back with Ceasar at 5am after hangin around at Påls place and we didnt go to bed until six. Still this day hasnt been totally useless. Henrik has been over and helped me set up my Pro tools ( recording gear) which proved to be so ridicules and easy that Im playing the moment of shame over and over again in my head. And my luck, Ceasar was there to witness it as well. Thank you Ceasar !
Later we went out for a nice dinner at Soul cafe, so just gonna relax at home and take care of business for the rest of the day. Trying to write down a plan for my musical business and shit, but Im really really tired. Maybe head to Hannahs for open mic night later, but I really dont think so cause I need a shower. And god, I need to wash clothes.
Spending far to much money down here, I feel so screwed. Bought the hummingbird guitar yesterday and now I need speakers?! waah.
But I love it here. I`ve been waiting so long to go live in a proper city, and I love the city and I love the people.
Starting classes tomorrow! Cant wait to begin, so looking forward to ensembles!
Hope I get Steve Barry :)

onsdag 9. september 2009

I guess a new Era - bagera ! Superlamb - banana

So I`ve finally arrived in Liverpool and Im sitting in my room at Agnes J`s listening to PJ Harveys "the river" from "Is this desire". The sun is shining, and I`ve got a really good feeling `bout Liverpool and England. Cant wait to se what this years gonna be like.
Currently Im living with two boys, one from Singapore thats gonna do the pop-tech dimploma course @ LIPA, and Alex from England whos gonna be in my music BA class. During the week theres four more coming, all LIPA students and where gonna be a total of seven. Exited to see what they`ll be like.
Also met a lot o people from my music course and a coupe o third years. Nice people o jes, and really a lot o norwegians.
So I`ve got no suitcase, (its in Manchester, jee) and Im gonna try today to find out if maybe they can send it to me or else I`ll have to go get it tomorrow. Wanna get it done before enrolment on friday.
Also nice to have clothes and towels you know.
So thats about the plan for now. Gonna take a shower and get out to town. The sun is actually shining a lot these days and the streets o the Pool is awaiting.

mandag 27. juli 2009


I have just played one o the fucking best jams in my life.
Lisbeth Dreier Denmark (perc), Maria Trudel Canada, MArie Claire Dunnard Canada, And Suzanne Denmark let me play a jam with them. They played keys, drums and kongas. I played the bass. It was fucking awsome! They`r like profesional established musicians. Ive never played any jams on bass before. 
And they thought I played well! And I must say so, I thought so myself.
Im so new to this compared to them, playing with them was such a privilige and so much fun! I got a little scared when they asked me, but I thought I will never have an opportunity like this again. I feel like I`ve expanded my ideas on have to play the bass, so many new ideas for how to play it. I love the bass, I love my fucking instrument.  Gonna go for the big fat lady in some time!
Theres so much to try out, I had to try. And Im so glad I did. Cant wait to here the recording. I`m glad I came here. The sound was so awsome, so big, so wonderful. Im amazed. Dont know how to express myself about it. It was just wonderful. I wish every day of my life will be like this!